Banquet Menu






All banquet menus and prices below are per table of 10 people. All banquet menus cannot be combined with any other special offer. Prices and food menus are subject to change without notice. Food items that are not available may be changed.



BBQ combination platter

Sauteed beef in honey pepper sauce

Fried prawns and walnuts in sauce

Deluxe dried scallop soup

House steamed chicken

Black mushroom with vegetables

Baked lobster w/ginger & green onions

Steam sea bass in black bean sauce

Chef’s combination fried rice

Dessert of the day



Special combination platter

Fried shrimp ball

Sauteed scallops & squid

Crab meat w/fish maw soup

Roast squabs

Braised whole abalone w/vegetable

Sauteed crab w/ginger & scallion

Steam seabass in black bean sauce

Braised noodles w/mushrooms & dried scallops

Dessert of the day



House deluxe combination platter

Sauteed beef & scallop in honey pepper sauce 

Sauteed clams w/leeks and sweet peas

Bird’s nest soup w/minced chicken

Peking duck

Braised abalone & sea cucumber w/vegetable

Crab w/pumpkin & salted egg yolk

Steamed fresh fish

Fried rice we/egg white & dried scallop

Dessert of the day



Suckling pig platter (half)

Deep fried crab claws w/almond chips

Sauteed beef & geoduck clams w/assorted mushrooms & sugar pea

Swallo next soup with crab meat

Braised whole abalone with peas sprout

Roast squab

Steamed lobsters w/cordyceps flowers

Smoked seabass

Shrimp fried rice in lotus leaf

Special dessert of the day

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